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X-PAD Survey 3.5

    X-PAD Survey 3.5 is the GeoMax field software running on a multitude of Windows controllers and on board your total stations. It offers stakeout and control, ensuring productivity and flexibility in the field, providing perfect integration between measurement tools. The software is available in two versions – one for surveying and one tailored to construction applications.


    Stakeout with X-PAD has never been easier or faster. Voice guidance allows you to arrive at the point without even looking at the display while the large compass simplifies visual navigation. Every drawing element, including points, lines, arcs and every position, determined within the graphical view can be staked out.

    A topographic CAD

    X-PAD Survey includes a real topographic CAD, not just a simple graphic viewer. Specific functions to draw, edit and calculate the position of new elements can be used during the stakeout operations in the fiel.

    Survey and Data collection

    X-PAD Construction is the ideal solution to perform all your measuring all activities on the construction site in an efficient and productive way. The software runs on board of your total station making the field controller redundant. X-PAD Construction includes specific setup procedures for TPS and GPS that are usually applied in construction sites for daily activities of tracking and measurement. This allows you to perform the measurement, stakeout and control with simple and functional procedures.


    Powerful functions for the verification of the constructed and the comparison within the project include:

    • Check of elevations on horizontal and sloped levels
    • Check of distances between points and elements
    • Check of angles
    • Calculation of surfaces and perimeters
    • Continuous check of the quality of work and the progress